Home Additions

Add Space to Your St. Louis Property with a 
Home Addition from SRK Construction

Does your home feel a little too small? 
Do you still dream of that spacious garage you've always wanted?

Our business builds phenomenal home additions in the St. Louis area. We can make your home goals a reality.

The layout and size of a home contribute to a comfortable environment. Many homeowners see comfort and practicality as two of the most important qualities in a home. If you feel dissatisfied with the size or layout of your home, you may consider moving entirely.

But a new home isn't always the answer. You could solve your home's dilemmas by hiring a team to add a brand new home addition, built to your specifications and needs. Our team takes pride in their ability to satisfy the needs of our home-owning customers.
With our services, you could do the following:
  • Increase your home's number of bedrooms
  • Add a floor
  • Extend an existing den or living room
  • Upgrade or construct a garage
  • Build a trellis and surround it with a brick patio
Whether you hope for a small update or a full home addition, our construction team can make it happen.
Our Goal
Our mission is to help your home to fulfill the needs of your family. With each project, we offer exceptional craftsmanship as we produce quality products.

Our team possesses meticulous attention to detail. We care about your satisfaction and commit to building lasting relationships with our clients.  With your ideas and our expert design and skill, our company will enrich your home with a beautiful new addition.
Needing a change in your home? Don't worry over moving hassles or a new mortgage. Instead, invest in your current property with home additions for your St. Louis living space. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation, get a free estimate, or learn more about the development of your design.
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