Finish Your Basement at Last

Basement Finishing Services in St. Louis, Missouri

Benefits of a Finished Basement

Choosing a home with a basement opens a lot of opportunities. Your basement could be turned into extra guest bedrooms, a playroom for children, or a cool area to relax in. There is plenty of potential in this extra living space, and we want to help you use it.

Assessing Your Unfinished Basement

The first step is easy. A design specialist from our team at SRK General Construction LLC will come to your space and walk through it with you. They’ll listen to your needs and requests during this consultation and incorporate that into your design.

Planning and Design

After observing the current layout of your unfinished basement, your design specialist will take you through a few options. We can customize your space, which could include adding additional rooms, bathrooms, wet bars, and other elements.

Basement Refinishing

You may be interested in refinishing your basement if you have a layout that isn’t working for you. During a refinishing, you could change out the floors, paint, or add new rooms. Your basement will work better for you after a refinishing.

We’ll Convert Your Basement Within Your Budget

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