5 Deck Designs We Love

aerial view of pool and deck

Your deck is the ideal space for you to relax after a long day at work. You don’t want to sit on a rickety old set of wooden planks with the paint peeling off. You want to enjoy a nice, cool drink while you lounge on a sun-kissed, colorfully painted deck with comfortable chairs. Below,…

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4 Telltale signs your home has wood rot

You love the look, feel, and color of wood. The eye-catching shades of brown, tan, and gold complement your home’s décor and give each room a feeling of warmth and relaxation. But despite wood’s natural strength and durability, your flooring, moldings, trim work, and framing do have one weakness: rot. And if left untreated, wood…

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Make the Most of Your Basement

room with hardwood floor and built in storage

When you enter someone’s basement, you might find a large room with sparse furnishings, closets crammed with miscellaneous objects, and perhaps some extra bedrooms with unused furniture inside. For most homes, the extra space comes in handy as you accumulate more possessions over the years. However, you may not realize the potential your basement space…

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How to plan for a home addition in St. Louis

St. Louis Home Additions A home addition in St Louis can benefit you and your family tremendously. A house extension provides more space, opens up a room, and increases your home’s value. The added space also decreases stress and makes you feel less claustrophobic about your living conditions. However, in order to succeed, a home addition requires…

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